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“The Pictures of My Grandparents on Their Crypts Were Taken on My Wedding Day (or Talking to Dead Loved Ones of a Hot July Morning in Pittsburgh” ~ Gideon Review

“Wrench From the Body a Gaping Wound Always Bleeds” ~ Thirteen Myna Birds

“Thanksgiving Day Stands Alone with Me in the Kitchen” ~ Writing in a Woman’s Voice

“What’s Still Remembered Somewhere Lying Around Shades of April Finds Broken Bones” and “America Lies Across the Rio Grande Reading Frost While They Seek Funding on Border Security” ~ Poetry Breakfast

“America Laments in the White House Rose Garden During the Press Conference Confronting His Innocence” ~ Collective Unrest

“On Giving Up Alcohol” (Best of Net Nominee) ~ Riggwelter

“Unrequited” ~ Inquietudes

“I Sit Here on My Bedroom Floor, Counting Stars I Find Near My Window & Place Them Inside My Pocket” ~ Chiron Review

“The Blood Rushing Through His Hand Echoes Throughout the Universe” ~ Confessionalist Zine

“America in the Aftermath of the Mueller Report and the Angry Tweets That Followed” and “Yes, They Sow Guns Into the Belly of This World” ~ New Verse News

“There was a Certain Darkness in Me & I Couldn’t Curse It Because It’s Where I Found Myself” and “Approaching Salisbury Mills the Train Blows Its Whistle; People Mind the Stop-Gap Before Rushing to a Seat” ~ Amethyst Review

“America in Solitude” ~ Rust + Moth

“In the Wake of the Mueller Report, America Glides Over Avenues of Contempt Belonging to the Generations Before Us” ~ Poets Reading the News

“My Daughter Asks Me if My Husband & I Will Divorce Because Patti & Hannah’s Parents No Longer Live Together,” “My Children & I Sit Around the Fire Roasting Marshmallows Telling Stories & Dreaming About the Future” and “My Teenage Son Blares Taylor Swift’s Fifteen in the Car for Effect & I Laugh” ~ Eunoia Review

Even the Statue Weeps ~ Chapbook, forthcoming Dancing Girl Press

America in Solitude ~ Chapbook, Staring Problem Press

Confessions of a Mother Hovering Where Birds Collide With Windows ~ Ghost City Press

A Bridge of You ~ Micro-Chap, Origami Poems Project


“My Teenage Son Tells Me There’s No Such Thing as Love (or Maybe It’s Just Overrated)”, Winner, 27th Moon Prize and “My Daughter Asks Me the Same Question Repeatedly Looking for a Different Answer & I Say No” ~ Writing in a Woman’s Voice

“The Day the Music Died” ~ Half Mystic Journal

“I’ve Let My Nails Grow, Scars Later Revealing Themselves After Bathing as if Developing a Photograph” and “Everything I Touched Became a Wound” ~ Thirteen Myna Birds

“The Grief Filling the Empty Dirty Nests Clutter the Tree Branches Lining My Lack of Understanding” ~ Sonic Boom

“My Children Asleep on the Chest of September” ~ The Mantle

“Together Death & I Watch Hawks Crash” and “Where There’s Death, There’s God” ~ Mojave He[art] Review

“My Daughter Buds at Eight & I Buy Her a Bra” and “My Teenage Son Hugs Me Because He’s Anxious & I’m Struck By Lightning” ~ Rockvale Review

“At 40, I Crawled Between My Mother’s Legs as She Lay on the Couch & Wept the Evening Brett Kavanaugh was Confirmed” ~ Poets Reading the News

“My Children & I Sit on a Bench at Lake Wallenpaupack Watching August Set with the Sun” and “My Teenage Son Rambles Incessantly for Nearly an Hour on a Random Topic & I’ve Failed to Listen” ~ Tiny Flames Press

Scars are Memories Bleeding Through ~ Chapbook, Yavanika Press


“To Be Sitting Right Next to Someone, to Love Them, But No Know Them at All,” “Bless Small Accidents” and “I Wear the Flesh of an Imperfect Animal” ~ Eunoia Review

“Human Body as Blunt Instrument” ~ Hermeneutic Chaos Journal

“Making Sense of Another Dark Night, I’m Learning to Unwait” (Best of Net Nominee) and “We Changed the Story; We Solved the Problem” ~ Rust + Moth

Cutting Eyes from Ghosts ~ Chapbook, Blood Pudding Press


“The Bed Empty; the Floor Waxed with Moonlight” ~ The Fem

“The Human Body Falls at a Rate of 32 Feet per Second” ~ A Minor Magazine

Birds Never Sing in Caves, Chapbook, Dancing Girl Press


Strangest Sea ~ Micro-Chapbook, Porkbelly Press

Wayward Lines ~ Collection, RAWArT Press

Beautiful Wreckage ~ Chapbook, Flutter Press

Unsent ~ Micro-Chapbook, Origami Poems Project

There’s a Full Moon Tonight” and “Sitting in the Surgical Waiting Room the Morning of My Hysterectomy” ~ Hermenuetic Chaos Literary Journal

Surface Gives Back Tenson” ~ Rogue Agent

The Peace of Wild Things ~ Chapbook, Porkbelly Press

Birds Never Sing in Caves ~ Chapbook, Dancing Girl Press

Knee Deep in Bone ~ Chapbook, Hermeneutic Chaos Press


“The Photograph Taken with a Disposable Camera, Newport, Rhode Island, October 13, 1996” ~ The Germ

“After Contemplating Divorce,” “Genesis” and “Daddy Isn’t Christ, Won’t Ever Be” ~ Wilderness House Review

“After Taking Art History” ~ The Wayfarer

“Adapting Strange Emotions” and “Moving Forward” ~ A Narrow Fellow

“Point Judith, RI”~ Right Hand Pointing

“Making Love After Kids” ~ Bop Dead City

On Bridges I’ve Dreamed of Jumping From” ~ The Front Porch Review

“Stiches” ~ Stone Highway Review

“Emerging From Broken” ~ Star 82 Review (*82)

Finger : Knuckle : Palm ~ A New Wave Fabulist Novelette ~ LucidPlay Publishing

prosthesisAn Experimental Memoir ~ Lummox Press

Hatched from Bone ~ Chapbook, Flutter Press

Stitches ~ Micro-Chapbook, Origami Poems Project

On Coming of Age ~ Micro-Chapbook, Origami Poems Project


“The Collector” ~ Stone Highway Review

“Your Fault” ~ Stone Highway Review

“On Your Affair” (Reprinted as “Crying at the Park” in Hatching From Bone) ~ indefinite space

“A Bridge of You, to Myself, to the Parts of the Bees’ Bodies Embedded in Our Flesh” and “God Talks: Overdose at 2 a.m.” ~ Rust + Moth

“The Abortion” and “My Womb” ~ East Coast Literary Review


The Spark of It All” and “The Unaffected Sky” ~ Everyday Other Things

“Final Things (The Breakup)” ~ Crack the Spine

“Hysterectomy” and “Masonry” ~ Yes, Poetry

Trinity” ~ Grey Sparrow Journal

“What I (Don’t) Miss” ~ Linden Avenue Literary Journal

“Soldiers” ~ Red River Review

“The Slump of Our Bodies” ~ Poetry Quarterly

“Ode to a Cockroach” ~ Gutter Eloquence

“Father” ~ Utter

This is How Our Love Burns” ~ scissors and spackle

Hunger Spoke” ~ Eunoia Review

“About That Night” ~ Stone Highway Review

Re: Cities Like Countries” ~ Reprint Poetry

“Carried By the Wind” and “Reading the Gospels” ~ The Rusty Nail

“Unexpected Grey Moments” ~ Blinking Cursor

“Love Like White Moths” ~ Inclement

“That Unusual Spark” ~ Pill Hill Press

“Unexpected Grey Moments” ~ Blinking Cursor

“This is a Love Poem” ~ Adanna (2011 Love Poetry Contest Finalist)

Saintly Sweetness” ~ The Medulla Review


“A Letter to My Other Self,” “I Call on the Soul of Galileo” and “I Dream of Unicorns” ~ Transcendent Visions

A Letter to My Other Self” and “I Dream of Unicorns” ~ Reprinted: scissors and spackle

“Origami” ~ The Homestead Review

“Wild Horses” and “Urban Love Song” ~ Stone Highway Review

Television” ~ scissors and spackle

“Modern Eden” ~ Heavy Hands Ink

My Garden” ~ Red Poppy Review

“Hold On” ~ Poetry sz: Demystifying Mental Illness

The Conquest of Bread” ~ Golden Sparrow Literary Review (2011 Reader’s Choice Finalist)

“Consequence of America” ~ Burnt Bridge Press

“She’s Watching Terms of Endearment Again” ~ Lady Ink Magazine

Burying the Dead” and “To Be the Only Thing Aching” ~ Carcinogenic Poetry

The Depot” ~ The Montucky Review

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