Publishing Credits


Strangest Sea ~ Micro-Chapbook, Porkbelly Press

Wayward Lines ~ Collection, RAWArT Press

Beautiful Wreckage ~ Chapbook, Flutter Press

Unsent ~ Micro-Chapbook, Origami Poems Project

There’s a Full Moon Tonight” and “Sitting in the Surgical Waiting Room the Morning of My Hysterectomy” ~ Hermenuetic Chaos Literary Journal

Surface Gives Back Tenson” ~ Rogue Agent

The Peace of Wild Things ~ Chapbook, forthcoming Porkbelly Press

Birds Never Sing in Caves ~ Chapbook, forthcoming, Dancing Girl Press

Knee Deep in Bone ~ Chapbook, forthcoming, Hermeneutic Chaos Press


“The Photograph Taken with a Disposable Camera, Newport, Rhode Island, October 13, 1996” ~ The Germ

“After Contemplating Divorce,” “Genesis” and “Daddy Isn’t Christ, Won’t Ever Be” ~ Wilderness House Review

“After Taking Art History” ~ The Wayfarer

“Adapting Strange Emotions” and “Moving Forward” ~ A Narrow Fellow

“Point Judith, RI”~ Right Hand Pointing

“Making Love After Kids” ~ Bop Dead City

On Bridges I’ve Dreamed of Jumping From” ~ The Front Porch Review

“Stiches” ~ Stone Highway Review

“Emerging From Broken” ~ Star 82 Review (*82)

Finger : Knuckle : Palm ~ A New Wave Fabulist Novelette ~ LucidPlay Publishing

prosthesisAn Experimental Memoir ~ Lummox Press

Hatched from Bone ~ Chapbook, Flutter Press

Stitches ~ Micro-Chapbook, Origami Poems Project

On Coming of Age ~ Micro-Chapbook, Origami Poems Project


“The Collector” ~ Stone Highway Review

“Your Fault” ~ Stone Highway Review

“On Your Affair” (Reprinted as “Crying at the Park” in Hatching From Bone) ~ indefinite space

“A Bridge of You, to Myself, to the Parts of the Bees’ Bodies Embedded in Our Flesh” and “God Talks: Overdose at 2 a.m.” ~ Rust + Moth

“The Abortion” and “My Womb” ~ East Coast Literary Review


The Spark of It All” and “The Unaffected Sky” ~ Everyday Other Things

“Final Things (The Breakup)” ~ Crack the Spine

“Hysterectomy” and “Masonry” ~ Yes, Poetry

Trinity” ~ Grey Sparrow Journal

“What I (Don’t) Miss” ~ Linden Avenue Literary Journal

“Soldiers” ~ Red River Review

“The Slump of Our Bodies” ~ Poetry Quarterly

“Ode to a Cockroach” ~ Gutter Eloquence

“Father” ~ Utter

This is How Our Love Burns” ~ scissors and spackle

Hunger Spoke” ~ Eunoia Review

“About That Night” ~ Stone Highway Review

Re: Cities Like Countries” ~ Reprint Poetry

“Carried By the Wind” and “Reading the Gospels” ~ The Rusty Nail

“Unexpected Grey Moments” ~ Blinking Cursor

“Love Like White Moths” ~ Inclement

“That Unusual Spark” ~ Pill Hill Press

“Unexpected Grey Moments” ~ Blinking Cursor

“This is a Love Poem” ~ Adanna (2011 Love Poetry Contest Finalist)

Saintly Sweetness” ~ The Medulla Review


“A Letter to My Other Self,” “I Call on the Soul of Galileo” and “I Dream of Unicorns” ~ Transcendent Visions

A Letter to My Other Self” and “I Dream of Unicorns” ~ Reprinted: scissors and spackle

“Origami” ~ The Homestead Review

“Wild Horses” and “Urban Love Song” ~ Stone Highway Review

Television” ~ scissors and spackle

“Modern Eden” ~ Heavy Hands Ink

My Garden” ~ Red Poppy Review

“Hold On” ~ Poetry sz: Demystifying Mental Illness

The Conquest of Bread” ~ Golden Sparrow Literary Review (2011 Reader’s Choice Finalist)

“Consequence of America” ~ Burnt Bridge Press

“She’s Watching Terms of Endearment Again” ~ Lady Ink Magazine

Burying the Dead” and “To Be the Only Thing Aching” ~ Carcinogenic Poetry

The Depot” ~ The Montucky Review

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