2011 ~ Bandini Books

(Out of Print)

Ariana D. Den Bleyker is a stunning writer. Her words are a reminder of how and why we fall in love with words and their creators. The candid photography in this wonderful chap is provided the young and exceptionally talented English based Eleanor Leonne Bennett.

The Trees are on Fire


(Out of Print)

Naked Animal

2012 ~ Flutter Press

(Out of Print)

As with all of her poetry, the work in this collection represents Ariana D. Den Bleyker’s great gift for vivid, haunting and beautiful imagery. Her ability to expose the raw passions and struggles of the soul through intricate language in verse is masterful and awe-inspiring. This is why, to me, she stands out as one of the great emerging voices in contemporary poetry. ~ Kevin Ridgeway, author of Burn Through Today

My Father Had a Daughter

2013 ~ Alabaster Leaves Publishing

Ariana D. Den Bleyker’s poems take the reader’s five senses to the sanctity and regret of memory. These fragile, short poems are long in effect; lingering like unresolved childhood memory.  Her success lies in raw originality and the rendering of an open equation of loss. These poems waste no words and no letters fall from her table. ~ Robert Milby, author of Ophelia’s Offspring and Crow Weather

As with The Trees Are On Fire, Ariana Den Bleyker’s newest tome, My Father Had A Daughter, took me on a unique journey of dream and memory. I set aside my earthly concerns and traveled to landscapes at once lush and stark. Yes, that’s entirely to be expected with Ariana’s incredible writing. ~ Marian Kent, author of Responsive Pleading


 2013 ~ Sweatshoppe Publications

(Out of Print)

Geometry of Broken Parts focuses on the geometrical parts of the human condition. It is permeated with suffering and the struggle to evade, face, overcome and wrest meaning from it. Suffering is witnessed in this collection through failed relationships with others, the self and the spirit. It is central to the growth of the narrator, to unfulfilled love, and it is part of an ambivalent response to the mysteries of time, God and soul.

Hatched from Bone

2014 ~ Flutter Press

(Out of Print)

To truly know another, to know our spouses, we must be willing to see the world through their eyes, not simply our own. If we listened as well as we spoke, really connecting would take care of itself. Lack of communication, unresolved baggage, unfulfilled expectations…although these are certainly not all of the relationship troubles that can plague a relationship, they are quite universal. Within each issue lies a wealth of fascinating information one can learn about oneself. Make no mistake; it can be a great deal of hard work uncovering the hidden aspects of yourself that cause you to stumble and fall. In fact, there is a great deal of hard work in uncovering the hidden aspects of yourself which helped you to fall. We reap what we sow. Personal growth is no exception. This manuscript was written to encourage all of those who so deeply want that connected, loving and satisfying marriage, who want to invest themselves in what it takes to have it. Truly, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger


Finger : Knuckle : Palm ~ 2014 ~ LucidPlay Publishing

A New Wave Fabulism novelette. Now available for Kindle.

…F : K : P resists closure over and over, how the narrator is dead, a body, and then the story continues on, how it is amorphous and non linear yet keeps attention viscerally. The abstract quality, the ruthless continuation of interaction with the dark figure and the confusion about the self is nightmarish in a truly frightening way, and the prose is continually transcendently beautiful.”

On Coming of Age

2014 ~ Origami Poems Project

On Coming of Age (Free)


2014 ~ Origami Poems Project

Stitches  (Free)

ProsthesisCover2014 ~ Lummox Press

Bipolar Disorder is a homegrown tornado, a swarm of insects buzzing in your ear, a picture of an eye that winks back at you. Discover it in a way you’ve never have before. Discover prothesis. Discover in prosthesis mental illness, the human mind, hope and fear, love and hate, dream and defeat. It is a place of struggle, planning and realization, willing and creation. Walk a journey unlike any other, meeting fellow travelers, obstacles and unexpected turns, a labyrinth of recovery that seems to suspend time and invites you to embody the experience of mental illness in a completely new way.

Beautiful Wreckage

2015 ~ Flutter Press

(Out of Print)

“The poems in Beautiful Wreckage are a confrontational and intimate journey into the body and mind that speak from the edge, from a place between life and death. Ariana D. Den Bleyker’s visceral imagery comes from the most honest of places that few writers can reach, and her poems are unafraid to face the human condition in its most naked state. Even in the realm of uncertainty, when one feels bound to the earth and its forces of nature, these poems push their way through the fog and bring clarity to human complexities.” ~ Samantha Duncan, author of Moon Law and One Never Eats Four


2015 ~ Origami Poems Project

Unsent (Free)

Wayward Lines

2015 ~ RAWArT Press

Life is no lightweight thing, “we are reborn in our heavy steps, our secrets zippered shut on our backs.” Our humanity, our bodies, is where we find ourselves in these poems, in the drama, in the finality of acceptance and self-determination, at the edge in which we burn white hot. The inward entanglement of two bodies strong in love, in leaving, in struggle, emotions and feelings, thick, palpable, and wonderment too…whatever it is we experience, the body is the doorway, the body pushing against gravity, pulled by its own vision, needs and desires, “our secrets”…leave us with “mud up to our ankles.” Love, in Wayward Lines, is fathoms into the quick, leaving the shallows of fantasy, romance. The body is our connection, here is breath, teeth, throat, mouth, tongue, arms, skin…eyes throb, our backs carry the world and our dreams, “hands full of dark.” The body, life, is its own hunger and the beauty, even when we feel broken. These are poems of relationship, of home…and traversing the impossible as we feel every inch of it.

Strangest Sea

2015 ~ Porkbelly Press

Strangest Sea intrigued us at the epigraph, which features lines from Emily Dickinson’s poem: “Hope is a thing with feathers / That perches in the soul, / And sings the tune without the words, / And never stops at all…” What follows is a series of linked prose poems packed with lyric moments, vivid capsules of blooming image, and a journey of the I in struggle/concert with Hope, “she is a body of barbed wire and dandelions, synapse and tendon, elegant architecture, a red handkerchief of bones, a throat filled with God.”

Dark Water

2015 ~ Fahrenheit 13

Love is complicated. Murder even more so…

When Henry’s wife is murdered he’s forced to disappear. Nobody would believe he didn’t kill her. His sister, the only witness, won’t testify. His brother-in-law, the detective, doesn’t trust him. His mistress, the investigating pathologist, won’t help him. They all have their own secrets to protect.

And after all, Henry killed so many others before.

Dark Water is a pitch black tale of suicide, torture, murder and revenge as an artist returns to produce his greatest work out of those closest to him.


2015 ~ Porkbelly Press

There’s a primal peel and pull to this chap, a hungry animal ripping strips of reluctant flesh from its meal. It might read like a loss to some, burying, re-burying, and unearthing again, but in this litany of exposed bone and steaming viscera, there’s a resonant note of hopefulness, a fire kindling finally, finally, on a cold night deep in the wood, wolves huffing in the brush. It feels, for all the violence and mourning, like a recovery. Even in the frenzy of a carcass stripped, someone is fed.


2016 ~Dancing Girl Press

cutting2017 ~ Blood Pudding Press


2018 ~ Yavanika Press

Scars Are Memories Bleeding Through


2019 ~ Fahrenheit 13


2019 ~ Origami Poems Project

A Bridge of You


2019 ~ Ghost City Press

2019 ~ Staring Problem Press

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